"Conceive your dream..."

We try to make a difference in couples' lives with our passion and commitment to scientific reseach and the development of products that are trully innovative and instrumental in peoples' pursuit of happiness through parenthood.

The Rodi team

The Company

Our Vision
We believe that rigorous research leads to scientific breakthroughs and by utilizing innovative solutions we aspire to assist couples conceive their dream. We are focused on becoming one of the best fertility healthcare companies in the world. We are here to improve, evolve, create, contribute and share our disruptive, innovative inventions in order to help anyone in need.

Continuous research and unconditional commitment to our cause are the keystones of our endeavor. Our scientific team is instrumental in helping us meet couples' needs by investing their time and knowledge in the research, development and commercialization of new products like innovative and unique multi patented treatments for female infertility, addressing unmet needs with natural ingredients, highly acceptable tolerable profile and reduced / no side effects are some of Rodis advantages.

Highest Quality Standards
To us quality is the pursuit of excellence. Our system of quality management includes all activities that determine the quality policy, objectives and responsibilities and their implementation. We use the best raw materials and strive continuously for absolute conformance to requirements.

To us, creating an effective partnership means combining the strengths of our company with those of our partners in order to share knowledge. We are open to broadening our relationships with other scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways, based on our needs and objectives. Our goal is to find a way to match our resources with partnerships in order to maximize our potential.